Q - What kind of warranty do you offer?
A - We offer a lifetime warranty on all frame construction and workmanship (except under abusive circumstances)
Q - How long will my order take to complete?
A - Upholstered pieces take 3 – 4 weeks after all details are finalized. Cased goods/wood pieces take 6 – 8 weeks depending on how much detail i.e. hand carving, etc.
Q - How do I know that my furniture will be made to my comfort?
A - We provide size & design assistance, and review every piece before construction to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary in your specifications. We also encourage every customer to come to our factory for a comfort test so that we make sure your custom piece is adjusted to your liking and comfort.
Q - What species of wood will my furniture be made of?
A - Our standard species of wood for upholstered and wood pieces is Alder. However, we will build your pieces in any wood you specify.
Q - Can you restore antique wood furniture that has been broken or water damaged?
A – Yes.
Q - What if I need a banquette or built-in booth, or window seat?
A - We have an expert who will go out to your home to do the measure to ensure all built-in furniture will fit.
Q - How do I get a quote on a piece of furniture different from what I see on your website?
A – You can call with a description to get an estimate, or email/ fax us a picture for an exact quote.